Singles Ladder Competition 2022

 Current PositionsEnd 20th April  Previous WeekEnd 13th April
 FirstSurname  FirstSurname
1Krish Bissoonauth 1Krish Bissoonauth
2KeithCameron 2KeithCameron
3JonathanKinna 3Andrew Firth
4AndrewFirth 4AlanDunn
5DavidLivingstone 5DavidLivingstone
6JohnOrmston 6JonathanKinna
7MichaelMcCann 7PeterElderfield
8PeterElderfield 8Michael McCann
9AlanDunn 9AnnMarr
10TomPitcairn 10JohnOrmston
11AnnMarr 11Wayne Moran
12WayneMoran 12AlistairMuir
13AlistairMuir 13TomPitcairn
14JaneRuffman 14JaneRuffman

Singles Ladder – Rules 2022

1. General:

  1. The ladder is for registered Senior (Adult) members only
  2. The ladder is for singles games only
  3. The ladder is mixed for both female and male players
  4. Joining the ladder is optional
  5. Members can join, leave, and re-join the ladder as they wish (see point 9 below)
  6. All ladder matches can happen on a Wednesday during Club Sessions
  7. Ladder matches will be best of 3 games to 11 points 
  8. Who you can play on a Wednesday night:
    1. You can challenge the person in the hall who is the next person above you of those in the hall.
    1. You can only play the same person once in the same evening. 
  9. People joining the ladder – will join at the bottom of the ladder.  This includes people who leave and then re-join the ladder.
  10. The ladder will run for initially from April to end August 2022.

2. Recording games and positions:

  1. All ladder members will have a name plate
  2. The name plates will be placed in order of the ladder on the magnetic white board
  3. After each match the players will record any adjustment to their positions on the ladder.  This must be done immediately so new challenges can be made in the session.
  4. NB. A player can only fall one position after a game – but can rise any number of positions
  5. Note. Ladder members not present and therefore not playing may move down the ladder as a result of the outcome of games played
  6. A player leaves the ladder by removing their name tag. All positions below will automatically move up one place.

3. Initiation:

  1. The ladder will be initiated in alphabetical order of surname for all who have signed up to be in the ladder

4, Maintenance of the physical ladder board:

  1. A photograph of the ladder at the end of the session will be taken each week by way of record
  2. The ladder board will be removed, stored, and brought to next week’s session by a member of the committee.
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