Session Booking

Booking for (Adult) Senior Sessions.

TIER 1 – Booking form for Wednesday 30th June 2021:

NOTES: Coronavirus operational procedures require all players to book their session. It will not be possible for players to arrive and play without booking.

Booking for the following Wednesday will open between 6pm on the preceeding Thursday evening and close at 6pm on the following Monday evening, so as to allow time for administrative preparation ahead of Wednesday.

Initially sessions will start at 6:00pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm depending on demand (session start times may be amended as demand for sessions is assessed)

Players can only play for one session per evening. The booking form allows players to indicate their session time preferences. Whilst the aim will be to allocate players their preferred time if demand exceeds places for any particular time then places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Note: To manage our costs we will need to run each session at or near maximum capacity. Therefore we may need to cancel a session if there are insufficient players to make it cost viable.

The booking schedule for the following Wednesday will be posted on this page of the website on the prior Tuesday evening. This will confirm the booking. Players will be charged based on confirmed bookings. If you are booked on a session and wish to cancel please contact a committee member to see if a substitute for your place can be found. If this is not possible you will be charged.

No cash/cheques can be handled on a playing evening. All session fees -£3.00 / per session to be paid by BACS transfer to the club’s bank account.


These can be obtained by emailing the club treasurer at

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